Just a Thought

hhee,, been watching nanny 911
and i think
when i have my own house i want to have a flower in my dinner table 🙂
just simple flowers, one or two
but it’s there everyday to see:):)

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Unperfect Layout

The rounded blue layout that comes from a wordpress theme now can be installed in Blogger. This was a good news to me, who fell in love with the theme but couldn’t install the theme cause have not host my own site. So when I found the theme in Blogger I install it straight away and switch my blog to Blogger, that’s a goodbye to MP and WP, even though I still import my posts to both Blogs.

Some of my posts were quite long, then I noticed the first weakness of the layout. When the post is long some of the white background failed to appear (or something else?). It doesn’t look good because it makes a gap that is quite large.

Then when I scrolled down my blog, I realized there is no next or older posts button. Those buttons only appears when a post is opened on it’s own page..

I thought that only happen to my blog. But today i checked some other blog with the same theme in Blogger, they have the same problem.

Hmm,, dissatisfaction here. No solution, just a feedback to the developers. Chayo!

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Mencari Buku

novel yang sangat ingin aku baca:

Samurai Girl

tentang seorang gadis Jepang, Heaven Kogo,  yang dia kira hidupnya indah, well pampered princess
tapi suatu ketika dia mengetahui bahwa ternyata dia adalah anak adopsi
lalu dia lari dari rumah mencari jati diri ke Amerika

<quote>When I was six months old, I dropped from the sky – the lone survivor of a deadly Japanese plane crash. The newspapers called me Heaven. I was adopted by a wealthy family in Tokyo, pampered, and protected. For19 years, I thought I was lucky.</quote>

seru! banyak fightingnya! mendeskripsikan feeling Heaven sebagai wanita yang tangguh,, banyak yang harus dia laluinya,, bahkan meski udah ketemu sama ibu aslinya pun masalah ngga selesai sampai situ aja,,

oya peran pria yang jadi “orang paling deket”nya si Heaven nya diceritain mati,, hwaaa
*kok jadi kayak damara, suka kalo ada yang mati,,* :p


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X, Y, and Z

#define X is the most ideal person I know! I am definitely the BIGGEST fan,,
#define Y is a stunning person,, I’ll put my gaping mouth emoticon whenever Y is around
#define Z ahh,, is the person I couldn’t stop caring about,,

puts(“it’s not only X,Y,Z. there are more. as my life goes. as the story goes. as the blog posts.”

void something_about_them(X,Y,Z)
all I never thought of any “OWNING” no matter how deeply in love people think I am with them; /*haha!!*/