Finding Luxury in Kampong Glam

Hi! I’ve decided to write–not a complete journal but chunks–of travel notes before the memory evaporates from my head!

Traveling when your currency has little strength compared to the neighboring countries means decent accommodation becomes very expensive for you. When traveling solo, booking a hostel is budget friendly and also you get to meet stay with other people.

I found this hostel called Five Stones Hostel in Kampong Glam Singapore. It’s located in Beach Rd and on Kampong Glam neighborhood. In Singapore, there are several neighborhoods with a certain ethnicity takes the character. Kampong Glam has this mix of Malay and Middle-eastern culture vibe, a Muslim neighborhood. Along the streets, you can find restaurants mainly sells Turkish and Middle-Eastern food, with very chill setting–tables on the streets, live music playing in the background.

Staying in a shared room, having shared bathroom in a hostel may not look exactly like a luxury, but this one for me definitely was. The reason being was the iconic Sultan Mosque. It is only 5 minutes walk from the hostel. It was nice to have it as a place to start the morning and come home to after a day of exploring 🙂






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